Performance and Credit Rating Scheme (PCRS) for SC/ST enterprises:

The concept of Performance & Credit Rating is one among several global best practices that are envisaged under NSSH. The following subsidy benefits to SC/ST enterprises only shall be extended under NSSH scheme;

  • Presently, there is subsidy @ 75% on the rating fee charged by the rating agencies for all categories (General or SC/ST) of MSEs for fresh rating. An additional subsidy of 15% for SC/ST units, over and above 75% i.e. total 90% subsidy shall be provided on rating fee of all rating agencies for fresh rating under the Scheme of NSSH, subject to the specified ceilings.
  • Presently, there is no subsidy on renewal fee for subsequent years for all categories of MSEs under PCRS. However, for renewal of ratings of MSEs in SC/ST category having a rating of up to 5 only, a subsidy of up to 50% of the rating fee payable in the first year shall also be allowed in subsequent years subject to the specified ceilings, whichever is less.
  • The subsidy on fresh and renewal cases only for SC/ST enterprises shall be further subject to the following ceilings based on turn-over of the unit:
  • Turn Over

    Rating Fee for first instance

    Rating Fee for renewal of Rating

    Up to Rs.50 lacs

    Rs. 20,000/-

    Rs. 10,000/-

    Above Rs.50 lacs
    to Rs.200 lacs

    Rs. 40,000/-

    Rs. 20,000/-

    Above Rs.200 lacs



  • The applicant SC/ST units shall apply for obtaining fresh/renewal rating at the field offices of NSIC or directly to the empaneled Rating Agencies in the prescribed application form of PCRS clearly stating the rating agency chosen and enclosing beneficiary’s contribution from the MSE by way of cheque/pay order/demand draft in favor of such rating agency.
  • The subsidy on rating fee shall be released by NSIC to rating agencies based on number of SC/ST entrepreneurs rated, on reimbursement basis.
  • The funds available under SC Sub-Plan and Tribal Sub-Plan of PCRS shall be used by the Ministry to reimburse NSIC for rating of SC/ST units.
  • All other terms, conditions, forms etc. of the guidelines of PCRS, as amended from time to time, shall remain unchanged.

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