Private Affirmative Action

Private Affirmative Action

Private Affirmative Action Supplier Diversity programs encourage the use of previously underutilized SC/ST owned vendors as suppliers and would also help in encouraging/mentorship to new entrepreneurs for setting up their unit. This Model will link Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribe (ST) candidates with Corporate India and the Industry will provide equal access to potential business opportunities for SC/ST candidates to participate as supplier of goods or services within corporate supply chain.

Participation of Private sector is the key aspect which Government is exploring along with the possibilities of forging partnerships between SC/ST owned enterprises and Private sector companies. This shall act as an enabler to increase diversity among their suppliers through an affirmative action plan resulting in increased supplier diversity and more private sector opportunities for SC/ST entrepreneurs.

In addition, Vendor development meetings and workshops with large/small corporate houses committed to affirmative action would be organized to integrate the SC/ST entrepreneurs in the supply chains of these businesses. Steps are being taken to link all stakeholders in the MSME eco system i.e. bankers, large MNCs, global markets customers, equity investors, skill development, research and developments institutes, trade associations, etc. with the clusters and MSME participants in the region.

Industry associations such as CII, FICCI Sector councils and corporates like TATA, shall be encouraged to create a network with SC/ST entrepreneurs and build favorable linkages for private affirmative action. The associations shall play a dual role of Business Mentors and Senior advisors which will help in providing necessary inputs and guidance for the entrepreneurs. They will act as platforms aimed at providing handholding support to the entrepreneurs to enhance their technical and business Know-how for entrepreneurship.

Companies which have taken Private Affirmative Action

  1. TATA Affirmative Action Programme (TAAP)
  2. CII's Affirmative Action Plan
  3. Forbes Marshell Affirmative Action Plan
  4. Bannari Amman Apparel
  5. Godrej