Industrialists and mentors who have owned and operated their own companies or served in management positions will be nominated as mentors for adopted SC/ST entrepreneurs. Mentors could share their own experiences of success and failure they have faced helping the mentees to learn from them. These mentors would provide objective assessmentof the state of the business and the direction in which it is headed for existing entrepreneurs and for those starting out.

Entrepreneurs who are presently suppliers of goods and services to CPSEs/Central Ministries or large private industry and have a turnover above a certain threshold would be provided intensive guidance and capacity building support in terms of strengthening their business model, market strategy and target customer segment.

Support from specific industry associations and other state government organizations would be leveraged to handhold SC/ST enterprises in achieving their goals. Industry associations and organisations could help organise mentoring sessions with industry leaders at regular intervals.


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Mentoring and Handholding is crucial to the success of an enterprise. Mentors provide the much needed guidance and handholding to entrepreneurs in their entrepreneurial journey.

The Mentoring Programme at the National SC/ST Hub aims at empowering SC/ST entrepreneurs who are at their early stage of business to learn from and be guided by accomplished entrepreneurs, highly experienced executives, and professionals through one-on-one counselling to achieve their full business potential.

Mentoring Handholding