In order to make the Public Procurement Policy more effective, a Public Procurement Portal “MSME SAMBANDH” was launched on 8th December, 2017. The Portal shall track the procurement made by CPSEs from MSEs including SC/ST MSEs on a quarterly basis and contain the necessary information relating to the requirement of CPSEs. Therefore, the portal shall help in effective monitoring while also enabling MSEs to build their capacities and participate in Public Procurement market. To aid such monitoring, all Ministries/CPSEs will be provided with ‘login’ and ‘password’ to access the portal. Till date, 172 CPSEs have registered on the portal, of which 161 CPSEs has uploaded list of products/ services procured by them. In total, procurement worth Rs 111,475.37 Crore has been done by these 161 CPSEs, of which Rs 25,459.42 Crore has been done from MSEs (including SC-ST MSEs). Procurement from SC-ST MSEs amounts to Rs 537.09 Crore.